Viewers also is interested, try touching the Samurai culture of Japan in foreign countries.

(Or why not pretending to Samurai?)


Samurai’s<Tate>The tradition culture of Japan.<Tate>And the really fighting with weapons is not sword techniques that make it appear, this means acting expression, and really fight. "Samuraido-Tatejyuku" is an organization that embodies the spirit of the Samurai sword through the beautiful arts of Japan and spirit tries as irreplaceable art handed down the generations. Our < Tate > is centered on the Edo period Samurai sword. Akira Kurosawa, Japanese Samurai movies you can see who many would. Struggle scene with that between the Samurai sword is the sword.  We are also to other countries, this < Tate >of hope and want you to know how wonderful the experience.  And once the Samurai experience you are in foreign countries, come to Japan, < Tate >of that experience?  When was and will be to travel to Japan, but the wonderful memories. Us, "Samuraido-Tatejyuku" of pupils who are forward to exchanges with foreign countries.  When you visit Japan, look at ' Samurai-sword fight school ' to please.

 "Samuraido-Tatejyuku" contacts, addresses, experience rate is as follows.


531-0074  18-2,1chome,honjyohigashi,kitaku,Osaka,Japan

 Tel / Fax 06-6131-8478

Type A course samurai costume fitting and [Samurai Way (The basics Samurai sword fight)], hoping to become a Tateand Samurai elementary diploma and Photo 2 hours                                            ¥6000

Type B course samurai costume fitting and [Samurai Way (The basics Samurai sword fight)] hoping to become a Slash of the real swordand Samurai elementary diploma and photo  2 hours                                        ¥8000

Our Japan trip is fun and great memories, we sincerely look forward

                                 2014 summer


                                                                                                         The chairperson
                                                                   永原 享

                                                                                                         Kyo Nagahara

                                                                                            (Japan Tate Federation)


※侍道-殺陣塾 Samuraido-Tatejyuku = Samurai sword fight school

※殺陣 Tate = Performance of Samurai sword fight